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Adding an new project to Community Lores

Do you want to start an new documentation website under Community Lores (aka banner? If so, you're welcome here to start a fresh project (or transfer them into its new home)!


  • Your documentation website should be SFW. Due to various reasons, we can't accept NSFW documentation/wiki sites into our docs directory nor even hosted here.
  • Your content should be licensed under an free license for text and image-based content. We're talking about Creative Commons licenses, although most open-source licenses can be also used to website content too (using them at visuals are on the unchartered territory).
  • You should be abide by our Code of Conduct and Website Hosting ToS. Failure to do so might cause your project to be ejected from the docs directory and even trigger an ban from our community if happened repeatedly.
  • For non-Recap Time Squad projects, your project or community might requires undergo verification and background checks. Visit the Verification Endpoint API documentation for details on the process and how we do background checks.

Step-by-step process

This section contains both what steps requesters and squad members (and sometimes community wranglers) do during this process.

Requester: Submit an request for an new project

On the's issue tracker in either mau.dev1 or, copy and paste this following Markdown form template and fill up the necessary details.

## Basic project information

* Project name:
* Desired repository slug:
* Is this SSG website or requires an server? Explain why or why not:

## Please describe the project in 120 characters or more.

<!-- Project description goes here. -->

## Where do you host the website?


Note that we only allow custom domains for projects that will be hosted under Community Lores banner/namespace.
If you want to park an subdomain for your wiki for redirection reasons, please DO NOT USE THIS template and
instead see


* Hosting service: Service Name, Type (Static|PaaS|VPS/delicated server behind the scenes)
* Subdomain (for backup purposes if going with custom domain):
* Custom domain: domain.tld (or N/A if going with the subdomain instead)

Before hiting that Create new issue or Submit button, make sure the tittle of that ticket should follows the following format below to help squad members and community wranglers to triage your request faster.

[new project request] Request for new project <repo-slug or project here>

Squad Member/Community Wranglers: Review and triage the request

Once the request has been received, you should have an look first before assigning to yourself and adding the new project requests:assigned tag. As an issue assignee, you're responsible for communicating between the Infra team (who have prvilleged access to project management2 and DNS stuff, among other things) and the person who requested that new project creation and reviewing it for possible issues.

  1. Since we're migrating our repos to because of free plan changes in SaaS version, project creation is currently limited until further notice. 

  2. Although creating subgroups for your project/org under our root namespace requires additional scrutiny from squad leaders and our legal team, ANY community members with Maintainer access can provision an project under namespace. 

Last update: June 20, 2023
Created: November 8, 2022