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Why the hell I need both Python3 and Node.js?

On the Python side, we need mkdocs (and its dependencies), and the upstream version of mkdocs-material (because we're abandoned our fork, lol).

We also need Node.js for Contributor Convenant and Commitizen.

Can I get an ( in the future) even I don't converted my wiki pages into Markdown files?

Yes, but you need to provide us details like:

  • A/AAAA/CNAME record to point into (if not provided, we'll host an redirect server instead)
  • Where your docs/lore/wiki site is hosted on (and what software)
  • And an slug so we can redirect traffic to yours

Why you use an .gq domain instead of buying

We don't have the money (yet) to purchase that. If you want to handle the costs of domain registration and renewal, thank you for that! Please contact Andrei Jiroh for the Netlify nameservers you should point to.

Last update: June 19, 2021
Created: May 27, 2021